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Arrival Confirmation


Arrival Information

All students should complete this form to indicate travel plans at least one week prior to their expected arrival.

Attendance at all orientation programs is required for all new students. It is important that you plan your travels to arrive to Dartmouth on the designated check-in day to meet with our staff and process your enrollment prior to the orientation program.

You have the option of arranging your own personal transportation to reach UMass Dartmouth or you can take our scheduled airport service, which is approximately $185 USD per person*. If you request an airport pickup, requests must be submitted with your full flight details at least one week in advance of your flight.

Students requesting an airport pickup should plan to arrive at Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) or Providence T.F. Green airport (PVD) on January 16, 2020.

If you are not requesting an airport pickup service, we ask that you still submit this arrival confirmation form to inform us of your travel plans, and please plan to check in at the UMass Dartmouth Navitas GSSP office on campus between 9:00am and 6:00pm on the designated check-in day

Note: Students living on-campus, who will arrive to Dartmouth, MA prior to the designated check-in day, or after 6:00pm on the check in day, will be required to stay at a local hotel until you can check in to the residence halls the following day. Please refer to the online Pre-Departure Guide for more information and recommendations for local hotels.

*Please be advised that this is estimated cost and the final charges will depend on the total number of airport pickups requested. When possible, we will try to arrange group pick-ups to reduce the cost.

Important Information if requesting an Airport Pickup

Please read the instructions provided prior to departure on how to find your driver at the airport.

  • A confirmation of your airport pickup request will be emailed to you 3-5 days prior to your departure, with an airport terminal guide and information on how to locate the driver at the airport.
  • The driver cannot meet you inside the terminal! You must exit the airport terminal after collecting your luggage at the baggage claim and find the driver outside in the LIMO WAITING AREA.
  • If you arrive on schedule and cannot find the representative, please call our Student Support Team at +1 978 337 1023 immediately for assistance.
  • You must call or message us immediately to inform us of your new arrival details if you miss your plane or experience delays during your travel.
  • If you fail to show up within an hour after your plane has landed, or notify us of any changes or cancellation, full fees will be charged for no show.
  • Additional fees apply for late notification of flight changes or delay.
  • Surcharge applies for delivery of excess baggage to your accommodation.

Please email a copy of your full flight itinerary to Student Services at
after submitting this form.

If there are any changes to your flight itinerary or pickup request after submitting this form, it is important that you notify Student Services as soon as possible!

Student Details

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UMass Dartmouth Navitas GSSP - Arrival Confirmation Sheet

Student Details

Self Arrival Confirmation
Please fill in this section if you do NOT need an airport pickup service. You should plan to arrive to campus for check in between 9am-6pm on the designated check-in date.

Arrival Time (please specify the time you expect to arrive on campus for check-in)

Airport Pickup Request

Please fill in this section if you require transportation services from Boston Logan Airport to the UMass Dartmouth campus.

An airport pickup confirmation will be emailed to you approximately 5 days prior to your arrival, with information on how to locate the driver.

Arrival Time (Please specify the time your flight is arriving at Boston Logan Airport)

Please notify UMass Dartmouth Navitas GSSP staff immediately if your arrival details change, or if you no longer require an airport pickup. Failure to inform UMass Dartmouth Navitas GSSP of any cancellation or change in your arrival details will incur a penalty fee. Notice must be given at least (3) working days prior to departure if you wish to cancel your airport pickup request. It is important to notify UMass Dartmouth Navitas GSSP of any delays or itinerary changes during your travel that may affect your arrival time. Students who do not arrive at their scheduled time, and fail to notify staff of delays or change in arrival time in advance, resulting in a missed pickup, will be charged the full cost of the pickup service.

Please contact our Student Support Team at +1 978 337 1023 if there are any changes to your flight itinerary or pickup request after submitting this form.