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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) for current and future students, their families and educational advisor


Course Enrollment

All course schedules are carefully planned out based on your intended program of study, with the goal of providing you the foundational skills you will need to succeed in your degree program at UMass Dartmouth. Students will receive their semester class schedule during Orientation. If you have questions about your academic program of study, please contact our Student Success Manager for more information at


Graduate UMass Dartmouth Navitas Global Student Success Program (Business)

During the UMass Dartmouth Graduate Navitas GSSP: MBA, all students will take the following five courses that will help to build a strong foundation for your studies in the MBA program with the Charlton College of Business:

NAV 501: Academic Skills for Graduate Students

ACT 500: Financial Accounting

FIN 500: Economic Concepts Managers

POM 500: Statistical Analysis

MIS 650: Information Technology Management

The 500 level courses are foundational courses that do not count towards the 30 credit requirement for the MBA or MS programs. However, they are important pre-requisites which will ensure you have the fundamental knowledge required for success in your core courses. MIS 650 is a core course from the MBA curriculum and can also count towards graduation requirements for the MS programs in Accounting, Finance Health Care Management and Technology Management. After completion of the Granduate GSP, you will need to complete six additional core courses, and 3-4 electives to complete the MBA program. In addition to the lectures, there will also be support tutorials provided for each class.

Progression Requirements: To progress from the Graduate UMass Dartmouth Navitas GSSP into the MBA or MS programs in the Charlton College of Business, you must obtain at least a 3.00 GPA in all your courses, with no grades below   B(-), and pass the GMAT with a score of 400 or greater by the end of the Graduate UMass Dartmouth Navitas GSSP semester. Students who complete the Navitas GSSP with a GPA of 3.30 or higher will be eligible for a waiver of the GMAT program.

The GMAT is an important piece of your admission into the MBA program at UMass Dartmouth, so we encourage you to take the GMAT before the start of your program, so that you don't need to worry about it once you get here. Although many students quality for the GMAT waiver with a GPA of 3.30 or greater during the Graduate UMass Dartmouth Navitas GSSP, you will not have time to prepare and take the GMAT at the end of the semester in the event that your GPA is below 3.30 (but above 3.0) so we encourage all students to study for and attempt the GMAT at least once before the end of the Navitas GSSP semester. 

If you do not have a GMAT score of 400 or higher when you arrive, you will be expected to take the GMAT at least five weeks prior to the semester end date. You must have an Official GMAT score of 400 or better by the end of the semester to be admitted into the MBA or MS programs and continue your studies at UMass Dartmouth in the next semester, unless you complete the program with a GPA of 3.30.

Although a GMAT score of 400 is very reasonable, for some students it is more challenging than they expect it to be. Since the score is required for graduate program admission, students should take their preparation for the exam very seriously and not wait until the last minute to study. Remember, you will also be busy with your other academic courses during the UMass Dartmouth Navitas GSSP, and you may find that there is not much extra time to study for the GMAT once you get here.

Course waivers are not allowed during the Pre-Master’s program, regardless of previous educational background. For more information on the MBA curriculum at UMass Dartmouth, please visit:

Graduate UMass Dartmouth Global Student Success Program (Engineering)

Students in the UMass Dartmouth Navitas GSSP pursuing admission into the department of Computer & Information Science will be enrolled in a one-semester Navitas GSSP program. Students will take foundational courses, graduate level courses, and a support course, and will earn up to 6 credits toward their degree program.

Progression requirements:  To progress from the Graduate GSP program into the Computer & Information Science graduate program, students must obtain at least a 3.00 GPA.

Course Selection for all UMass Dartmouth Navitas GSSP Engineering programs:  each student’s schedule is individually selected by the relevant Graduate Program Director following a review of your undergraduate transcripts. Course schedules can only be requested from the department once you have paid your initial invoice and submitted all required documents to confirm enrollment with the UMass Dartmouth Navitas GSSP. It is important that your payment is process in a timely manner and all original application documents are couriered to UMass Dartmouth Navitas GSSP as soon as your visa has been confirmed.  Please note that admission is valid only for the department which you have applied and is not transferrable to other programs within the College of Engineering or UMass Dartmouth.