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Q: What aspects of the UMass Dartmouth Navitas GSSP program have been most beneficial to you?

Sergey, Undergradaute Navitas GSSP, Mechanical Engineering

Russia: “The close relationship with coordinator, always looking out for students and willing to help”

Victoria, Undergradaute Navitas GSSP, Bioengineering

Russia: “Help from the staff providing needed information, smaller classes in the beginning.”

Billy, Undergradaute Navitas GSSP, Business

China: “The professors in the class are very helpful and patient to me and have a great sense of humor, they always encourage me to have more interaction and ask questions. I feel like studying after studying in the Navitas GSSP for a couple of weeks my English skills improved a lot. Also the facilities on campus are really great; gym, Olympic swimming pool. There is a very convenient shuttle bus that can take me to the shopping mall or shops near to the campus. I can even use my I-phone to see where the shuttle bus is on campus.”

Kenny, Undergradaute Navitas GSSP, Business

Vietnam: “Supports from orientation leaders and Navitas GSSP staff when I got to the U.S. Pumpkin Carving Event, Beach Trip, Singing Contest and Navitas Soccer Tournament. Navitas GSSP is really helpfu. Students at UMass Dartmouth, both native and international, are all friendly and easy to get to know them.”

Tracy, Undergradaute Navitas GSSP, Economics

Zambia: “Being part of Navitas GSSP has helped me build in both academic and social life . There is nothing more fulfilling than going through the transition with other international students and the amazing staff."

Suzy, Undergradaute Navitas GSSP, Business

China: “There are a lot of student activities we can participate in, for example this October the student organization took us to see the great fall foliage nearby, around New Bedford and Dartmouth there are a lot of nice restaurants and shopping malls and I can just took local bus or the school shuttles to get there.

The most impressive thing to me is the great campus environment and atmosphere, most of the students are living on campus and I feel like it is a great community where you can easily make friends with each other and become a part of it.”

Alex, Undergradaute Navitas GSSP, Digital Media

Vietnam: “I met many friends from many countries which means I had chances to get to know about many cultures.”

Shamaz, Undergradaute Navitas GSSP, Mechanical Engineering

Pakistan: “Navitas GSSP classes were more interactive, professors interacted on a personal level which makes you work harder with confidence. I really enjoyed some of the classes that I never did before, i.e. Music class, and I made friends from all over the world.”

Bright, Undergradaute Navitas GSSP, Business Management

Thailand: “I chose to study at UMass Dartmouth because of its good reputation. It is a great campus to study at because there are many kinds of people here from different countries. I would tell potential international students to study at UMass Dartmouth- it will be one of the best experiences in your life. Navitas GSSP gave me the best advice to help me adjust to studying in the USA.”

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